Most Valued Skills That Companies Search For In 2020

Why should business students care about emerging technology, and why would companies and institutions want to collaborate and work with us at Handels FinTech?

Most valued skills that companies search for in 2020

At the beginning of this year, LinkedIn Learning gathered data from its network of over 600 million users in order to reveal the most sought after soft and hard skills of 2020. As times are changing and everything around us continuously develops employers have to adapt to the new environment and are therefore constantly searching for people with the right kind of skills.

Regarding the soft skills, creativity, persuasion, and collaboration constitutes the top of the list. From our point of view at Handels FinTech Association it is although the hard skills that are of most interest. As of today, the hard skills are evolving rapidly and develops in line with the fast-technological development. So, if you as a student are looking for a new field to develop your skills within here are the top five in-demand hard skills:

Number 1: Blockchain

Back in 2009, Blockchain was born to support the use of cryptocurrency. But the technique’s many benefits in regard to processing data across the internet have led to it being applied to store and send any digital asset. Blockchain has a really bright future and the small part of professionals who possess this skill is in high demand.

Number 2: Cloud Computing

Since companies, today are built and run on the cloud, talent with skills that can help develop the technical architecture, design, and delivery of cloud systems are constantly in high demand.

Number 3: Analytical Reasoning

This skill is of great importance since data has become the foundation of practically every single business. There is a large need for organizations to employ people with the necessary skills to make sense of the data, and also being able to uncover insights from it that can lead to the best decisions being made for the business.

Number 4: Artificial Intelligence

One of the sectors that enhances the capabilities of the human workforce is AI. So, the people who can exploit the power of AI, natural language processing, and machine learning are the ones who will support organizations in delivering more personalized, relevant, and innovative products and services.

Number 5: UX Design (User Experience)

UX design focuses on the fact that the average attention span of consumers decreases every year. To cope with this, organizations need more employees with the expertise to help them build more human-centric products and experiences.


With this brief insight of what kind of skills companies need today, we hope that you have gotten inspired to hopefully look them up and start applying them to your own career. Handels FinTech will, together with companies and institutions, support this learning by activities and events that will hopefully increase your understanding and interest in these sought after skills.






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