Bored sitting out the current crisis? Take the opportunity to learn some tech!

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 has affected the first event of Handels Fintech Association, which was planned to be held on the 26th of March, we thought it could be of interest to share some tips of Fintech-related activities that are suitable to perform at home.

All in the meantime of waiting for a new possibility for you to attend our events in the future of course. So, while being somewhat stuck at home, a great opportunity has been presented to attend one of the many online courses available at different top universities all over the world. Business Insider displays some possibilities of how to access parts of these schools’ high-quality education, through for example online learning sites such as edX and Coursera.

These sites are offering free or low-priced courses that are taught by teachers from the best academic institutions and universities around the world and are therefore allowing anyone with an interest in advancing their education or professional goals to do so.

You can, for example, study Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technologies at Princeton University, take a course of Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science at MIT, or attend Algorithms Specialization at Stanford University. On top of this, if you are interested in further elaboration within the field of intelligent data collection and analysis Google’s Analytic Academy might be an option for you. There you can learn more about the topic on several different levels through free online courses. Make sure to also check out AWS training and certification to learn more about Cloud Services and stand out in your next interview process.

So, while looking forward to our first event, this period of social distancing can be well spent when widening your knowledge through an online course or two. Use this opportunity to take the first steps by yourself and learn some of the most sought after skills that recruiters look for on your own (all skills can be found in our previous post).

Happy studying, we hope you stay healthy and well!




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