About Us

Handels FinTech Association is a non-profit student organization founded in 2020 as a part of Gothenburg’s School of Economics, Business and Law.


Technology and business are continuing to intertwine with one and another. Our vision is to bridge the educational gap between technology and business, prepare tomorrow’s leaders and create an understanding of emerging technologies.


The mission of the organization is to educate and connect students with stakeholders in emerging fields related to business and technology by:

Unite likeminded and ambitious students interested in new technology and business

Inspire students to learn more and become interested in the field 

Engage students through various activities

Discover new technology and opportunities related to businesses

Fredrik Melin

Fredrik Melin

Co-founder & CEO

Felix Enocksson

Felix Enocksson

Co-founder & CFO

Josefine Forsman

Josefine Forsman

Co-founder | Marketing & Social Media


Email: handelsfintech@gmail.com

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